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Great Work Learning from Great Leaders Institute offers a complete end to end solution for digital transformation and outsourcing of L&D. The solution is useful for Corporates, Schools, Colleges, and Institutes. 


Please see below the feature and benefits

1. Complete cloud hosted white level platform (Learning Management System)

2. Unlimited course and student hosting

3. 100 plus management and business ready-made course library with certificate

4. Monthly live sessions and workshops with recording or hosting

5. Course transcript or assignment-based course design *

6. Customized course design and on demand class or courses *

7. Complete payment integration

8. Online assessment or test design *

9. Learning partnership enablement’s with industry leaders like AWS, Microsoft, Google etc. *

10. Complete student management with dashboard and various reporting or analytics

  • All the Flagship, Advance HR and Management or Business courses are part of Global University curriculum and MDP/IDP of Top MNC’s.

  • Mostly part of CPD, SHRM or Udemy Business with a student community of 100K plus across 150 countries translated in 10 plus languages.

Flagship Management and Leadership Courses in Workshop for 7 days/3days
  1. Human Resource Management  Process Management

  2. Leadership and Business Management: Leadership and Management Development: Master Class           

  3. Complete Human Resource Management setup workflow & toolkit

  4.  Certification in non-HR Manager’s Guide to Human Resource

  5. Employee Relations and Engagement: Manage and Engage your Talents

  6. Certification Course in Learning & Development Management   

  7. Master Class on Time, Productivity and Stress Management

  8. Business & Brand Storytelling for Leaders           

  9. Work and Workforce Management

  10. Talent Development & Management

Our Pricing


7 days/3days

Flagship Management and Leadership Courses in Workshop for with Free GLI Study and Awards


2 days/3 days

Advance Human Resource  and Business Skills with free HR Consulting


Full Day/Half Day

Management, Leadership, Soft skill and Business Courses with free eLearning access

  1. Certification Course in HR and People Analytics 

  2. HRBP: The Integration  between HR and Business at an account level     

  3. Strategic HRM: SHRM Framework, Guide to action and HR Strategies          

  4. Business Driven HR Digital Transformation: Global Business Driven HR Transformation        

  5. HR Strategy Measurement and Competency building      

  6. Creating an HR Scorecard

  7. Certification in Compensation Management and Administration

  8. Recruitment Selection & Interviewing Techniques           

  9. Human resource security & quality management in ISO 27001 and 9001  

Grow Your Vision

Choose from the list of 136 courses and get a customised content

  1. Leadership Traits to be a CEO.

  2. Management Development Program

  3. 21 Laws of Leadership

  4. Obstacle the way

  5. Digital Leadership

  6. The Leadership Pipeline

  7. Leadership and Innovation

  8. Committed Teams

  9. Developing Leadership Talent

  10. Leadership in Organization        

  11. Leadership Pipeline Development          

  12. Six Levels of Leadership

  1. Team Management and Team Building

  2. Influence

  3. Problem Solving: Prevention and Decision Making

  4. Conflict Resolution

  5. Digital Team Building

  6. 50 One min manager point

  7. Employee evaluation fortune 500 way

  8. Creativity and Problem solving

  9. Work less and Achieve more

  10. Management VS employee

  11. 101 way of negotiation

  12. Conflict resolution dialogue

  1. Negotiation: Never Spit the Difference

  2. The Art of Negotiation

  3. Sales Handbook and Sales Technique

  4. Key Account Management

  5. International Comm Strategy

  6. Client Management and Servicing

  1. Mastery

  2. First 20 Hours

  3. Psycho Cyber kinetics

  4. What everybody is saying

  5. When?

  6. Essentialism

  7. Thinking skill and Critical thinking

  8. Leading with questions

  9. The power of habit

  10. Motivation analysis and development

  1. Skill Matrix, Competency and Gap Analysis

  2. Case Study based HR Learning

  3. Key Performance Indicator and Performance Management

  4. The Competency Toolkit

  5. Global Recruitment

  6. HR Communication Methods

  7. Training Handbook

  8. Complete Strategic R&R Management

  9. HR Operation

  10. HR Policy and Process Management

  11. Design Performance Management system

  12. Executive Compensation

  13. Goal Setting

  14. NLP

  15. Generalist HR

  16. Training digital gamification

  17. Coaching and Mentoring

  18. Active Training, Design and Technique

  19. E Learning and online training

  20. Employee Grievances & Disciplinary Action

  1. Fresher hiring and capability building

  2. Master Trainer/Facilitator

  3. Create an Agile Organization

  4. Key Business Analytics

  5. Leading Strategy

  6. Merger and Acquisition

  7. Design Thinking

  8. Building High Performance Team

  9. Succession Planning

  10. Assessment and Evaluation

  11. Resource Management and utilization

  12. Workforce and group analytics

  13. Business Policy and strategy

  14. Business Performance Management

  15. Leading Strategy Execution

  16. Microsoft Excel Training with complete workshop

  17. Process Management (Basic of Requirement, Schedule, and Validation Management).

  18. Introduction to Scrum.

  19. CSR Process, Awareness on SH, Compliance like PF, ESI, Shops and Establishment, Apprentice Act.

  20. Leadership for Today

  1. Diversity and Inclusion

  2. Organization Maturity

  3. Change management and reediness assessment.

  4. Group and Team dynamics, building assessment.

  5. Management structure assessment

  6. Workplace assessment

  7. Leadership capability assessment

  8. Organization assessment

  1. Train the trainer and coach yourself with executive coaching

  2. Developing leadership talent

  3. Strategy for Team Performance

  4. Appreciative Leadership

  5. Be a People Person

  6. Change Leadership

  7. Constructing Leadership

  8. Develop Leadership Excellence

  9. Leaders for great workplace

  10. Product Leadership

  11. 5 Levels of Leadership

  12. Leadership activity workbook

  1. Business Communication and Etiquette

  2. Behavioral Analytics- Personality, Aptitude, Soft Skill, Paradox, Job Success, Career Growth, Learning, EI, Leadership

  3. Skills Training in Communication

  4. Body language improvement

  5. Sales & Customer Service with CRM

  6. Brand-Building, Digital Marketing

  7. Account Management

  8. Out of the box setting

  9. Scenario Thinking

  10. Test Management skill

  11. Communication and Social interaction

  12. Business Communication include Image building, cultural sensitization.

  13. Soft Skill Training i.e., Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Active Listening, Improve effective Communication.

  14. Certificate in Online Training

  15. Intro to Digital Teaching Platform and toolkit

  16. Presentation Skill

  1. Communication skill for interview/meeting

  2. Career Choice

  3. Career mapping and development

  4. Career evaluation and assessment

  5. Job based personality.

  6. How to manage your boss

  7. How to create your professional image

  8. How to manage your collegues

  9. How to get promotion

  10. How to increase your value and salary

  11. How to improve your productivity and performance

  12. How to impress your client and customer

  13. How to draw attention of your management

  14. How to become a manager or supervisor

  15. Basic Software Knowledge: Word, Excel, Office ppt

  16. Manage basic digital tool: Zoom, Teams, G Meet, Gmail, Outlook etc.

  17. Basics of Sales Process Management

  18. Basics of BD and Marketing

  19. Basics of Operation Management

  20. Coach yourself to Success - Reaching your Goals at Work and in Life

  1. Training Need Analysis, Calendar, and Effectiveness

  2. Onboarding and Induction Process to create an impact.

  3. Employee Motivation and Satisfaction

  4. Giving and receiving feedback – Sho

  5. Recruitment and Manpower planning

  6. Salesmanship and Sales Technique

  7. Accountability and Ownership

  8. Emotional Intelligence as Leader

  9. Effective Time Management and GTD with MS Office Package demonstration

  10. Self-Leadership and Johari Window

  11. "Drive-The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"

  12. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  13. Sprint: 5 days Team Building

  14. Extreme Ownership: How U.S Navy SEALs Lead and Win

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Create Corporate Academy 

We will help you to design and run your own corporate academy for full upskilling, capability building and career growth


  • Presentation using ppt

  • Case study and assignment

  • Class Participation Q&A and Roleplay

  • Quizzes and Practice Test

  • Framework and Trend analysis

  • Storyboarding and mapping

  • Gamification and practice

  • Group competition and simulation

  • Book Analysis

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